IncludeMe™ - A Starting Point for Dementia Caregivers

IncludeMe™- A Starting Point for Dementia Caregivers, a specially designed, online training program, allows Canadians to better understand the responsibilities surrounding dementia caregiving.

This interactive platform leverages current technology, leading learners through impactful modules that explore real-life scenarios that caregivers will face when caring for someone with dementia. The program will arm learners with necessary skills such as communication, developing comprehensive care plans and how best to care for themselves, as a caregiver. These skills will help caregivers better understand their role and provide the best experience to those living with dementia.

Self-directed online learning allows caregivers to learn at their own pace and fit learning into their schedule. With an open course structure, caregivers have the freedom to begin modules based on where they are in their caregiving journey and can revisit modules whenever needed.

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