At Iris, we commit to creating a safe, inclusive and functional working environment. We hold all our staff, directors and various partners accountable in abiding by our outlined policies.

Below is an overview of the policies that Iris has incorporated into its structure, governance, management and operations.

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Category - Human Resources

Health, Safety and Workplace Harassment Prevention Policy (HR-0001)
Iris the Dragon acknowledges that a healthy and safe work environment is aligned with its mission to promote mental health. The Charity's commitment to take every reasonable precaution to provide a workplace that is safe, healthy and free of harassment and violence is expressed in this policy. It provides guidance on implementation, and consequences of non-compliance. In adherence with the internal responsibility system, the execution of the HS & Workplace Harassment Policy requires cooperation and accountability by everyone engaged in Iris' work.

Policy on Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility (HR-0002)
The Policy on Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility establishes Iris' formal rules to ensure that its work culture and operations are in alignment with the values and principles of diversity, inclusion and accessibility. The mission of social inclusion is at the very core of our charities’ mandate. This policy is an expression of how Iris the Dragon is upholding the fundamental principles of being a proactive and solution-oriented force in securing that standards of inclusion, diversity and accessibility are developed, implemented and abided by, in all its actions and by all of its contributors.

Hiring Policy (HR-0003)
This policy outlines Iris the Dragon's hiring practices in line with its commitment to promote fair and equitable recruitment and selection standards, pursuant to the Ontario Human Rights Code (Code) Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA) and the Employment Standards Act (ESA).This Policy aims to clarify the responsibilities, guiding principles and values of the organization in attracting, recruiting, selecting and engaging the most fitting candidate(s) for the organization.

Emergency Planning - Contagious Disease Management Policy (HR-0004)
The Contagious Disease Management Policy covers principles and guidelines that Iris the Dragon adheres to when preparing for, operating during, and recovering from, a public health situation that involves the spread of a contagious disease. The purpose of the policy is to support a physically and psychologically healthy workplace, while continuing our services to the community and the fulfillment of stakeholder expectations.

Volunteer Management (HR-0005)
This policy outlines Iris' framework and standards of practise that define and support the meaningful involvement of volunteers in its mission, while being in alignment with current relevant legislations and best practises. The purpose of this policy is to reflect Iris the Dragon's commitment to create safe, relevant and enriching opportunities for volunteers while contributing to the mental health community in Canada through the Charity's operations.

Category - Operations

Board Governance (OP-0001)
This policy details out the Charity Board's fiduciary responsibility to direct strategy, maintain oversight, control risk, avoid conflict of interest, comply with regulations, prevent exposure to legal liability and exercise due diligence in its actions. It serves as a reference for the implementation of the by-laws and provides a guideline for the Board's governance practices.

Personal Information Policy (OP-0002)
Iris the Dragon is committed to be aligned with the privacy legislation in Canada, the US and the European Union countries. It is Iris' directive to only collect personal information that is voluntarily offered in order to realize its transactions and offer its services to the community. This policy applies to all individuals representing, or working on behalf of Iris the Dragon. Compliance means taking operational and technical precautions when managing information internally and with third parties. Iris the Dragon cannot be held responsible for data illegally intercepted during transmission. Information and files submitted online are encrypted during transmission and Iris the Dragon commits to its Personal Information Protection Policy once it is received.

Contractor Relations Policy (OP-0003)
A contractor, as defined by the Canada Revenue Agency, is an organization or individual that an organization hires to provide goods and /or services. The purpose of Iris' Policy on Contractor Relations is to provide guidelines that Iris commits to when selecting contractors, and managing their services. It also clarifies the charity's expectations in how contractors execute their services and manage their relations with Iris as an organization, its employees’ volunteers and other contributors, stakeholders as well as the community it serves.

Policy on Partnerships (OP-0004)
Iris' Policy on Partnerships outlines how the charity will engage in partnerships with other organizations. It gives guidelines on :

  • the charity’s internal practices when engaging in partnerships,
  • determining the types of projects in which it will partner in, and
  • the roles and responsibilities of involved parties.

The purpose of the policy is to ensure compliance with regulations, provide clarity for involved parties and further strengthen the community's trust in Iris the Dragon's mission.

Category - Finance and Accounting

Finance & Accounting (Fin&Acc-0001)
The Financial Management Policy, provides directives in connection to the charity's financial activities as they relate to accounting, internal controls, financial planning & reporting, contracts and financial commitments, payroll, and security of assets.
The purpose of this policy is to

  • provide the ethical principles that Iris is upholding as it relates to financial activities,
  • draw the framework that supports the protection of funds and assets of the charity,
  • describe how financial management activities are to be carried out in alignment with an adherence to transparency, accurate record keeping, legal requirements and best practises.

Ultimately, the purpose of Iris the Dragon's Financial Management policy is to remain accountable to all its stakeholders and cement their trust in the charity.

Policy on Fundraising (Fin&Acc-0002)
The Policy on Fundraising provides the foundation for Iris to maintain high standards of integrity and legal compliance in its fundraising activities. It sets out guidelines for due diligence in accepting, documenting, issuing receipts and reconciling donations received by the Charity.
Iris recognizes the critical importance of ethical conduct when fundraising, in order to safeguard the status of the organization as a registered charity, and to ensure that it stands up to scrutiny by all its stakeholders and the community.

Category - Marketing and Communications

Marketing Policy (MC-0001)
Iris' Marketing & Communication Policy outlines the standards that the Charity observes, when implementing marketing activities to amplify Iris' mission of promoting the social inclusion of persons with mental health disabilities, solicit donations, attract volunteers, establish partnerships and mobilize supporters. The purpose of this policy is to define the principles for applying responsible, ethical and legally compliant marketing activities that align with and further promote the Charity's cause and its objectives.

Communications/Content Management Policy (MC-0002)
It is the policy of Iris the Dragon to only engage in communication activities that (1) are aligned with the Charity's mission, (2) are in compliance with legal requirements and (3) reflect Iris' standard of accountability towards its employees, partners, contributors and supporters. Iris' is committed to conduct its internal and external communication practices in alignment with its mission and in accordance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements. The Charity designs communication content and activities that foster Iris' relationship of trust and collaboration with those engaged in its work, its supporters, partners and the community.