Projects in Progress

Innovation is important to us at Iris. We pride ourselves in seeking innovative solutions to improve and further develop the current mental health landscape. Here are some of the latest projects we are working on!

Let’s Talk Feelings 

Let’s Talk Feelings is a cooperative board game for children, aged 4-6, and caregivers trying to cope with pandemic related stressors in their lives. Using a “day in the life” story approach, children journey through a typical day while being exposed to different scenarios that may occur. These scenarios help both parents and children explore a variety of stressors that children may experience during the pandemic, upon which children can assess and apply different coping strategies.

$0 CAD $1,000 CAD


Prepare for Life Toolkits 

Our new stages of life approach was created to allow for easy access to tools and resources that may be needed by individuals at different stages in life to support their mental health and wellness. We are working to create comprehensive packages for each stage of life.

We welcome monetary and resource donations to help us continue to evolve these toolkits.

$0 CAD $1,000 CAD


Iris Audiobooks 

The Iris the Dragon book series has been a staple of our charity since day one. In a more technology centred world, we are adapting each of the books into complete, ready to download audiobooks. With the help of professional voice actors, we will bring Iris and her Riverbank friends to life like never before allowing readers to follow along with their favourite Iris book.

$10 CAD $1,000 CAD