Prepare for Life | Iris' Mental Health Tools

Iris the Dragon focuses its development of mental health literacy tools and resources based on the Life Course Approach, as defined by the World Health organization;

“The life-course approach aims at increasing the effectiveness of interventions throughout a person’s life. It focuses on a healthy start to life and targets the needs of people at critical periods throughout their lifetime. It promotes timely investments with a high rate of return for public health and the economy by addressing the causes, not the consequences, of ill health.” (1)


This approach recognizes that individuals have different needs during different periods of life. Iris the Dragon has broken up life into stages and identified factors that could impact one’s mental health at that point in order to develop resources and tools that will help to facilitate mental wellness and resilience.



Toddler (0-3) - Figuring Out the World
Childhood (4-10) - Figuring Out Other People
Adolescence (11-18) - Figuring Out the Self
Adulthood (19-45) - Building A Life
Maturing Adulthood (46-64) - Finding Stability
Senior (65+) - Living the Life That’s Been Built
At School - For Educators
In the Workplace - Employers + Employees
For more information related to Iris’ Life Course Approach to resource development, link here: Iris the Dragon Model for Life Course Approach to Tool Development